Prince of Sin City by Gary Walton

Prince of Sin City by Gary Walton 2009 Finishing Line Press Georgetown, KY

This picaresque novel tells the story of Dennis Prince, a freelance news reporter, uncovering corruption in Newport, Kentucky during the late 1980s. At first Prince’s mission is to merely follow a stripper at the request of her boyfriend, Big Dick Hubris, but soon he’s caught up in a complex web of intrigue with roots far back in Newport’s history implicating some of the city’s own in the greatest crime of the century , the assassination of JFK.

Prince of Sin City is a farce, along the lines of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and A Confederacy of Dunces.

I don’t usually like funny books . I just don’t get it; although I do get that it’s funny to lack a sense of humor. If it had been anything other than a Kentucky book, I wouldn’t have gotten beyond the first few chapters. But I did continue and by the time I reached the end I was glad of it. I think […]