Concerning the Spiritual in Art

What a fantastic class! There are about twenty of us gathered in a small room engaged in discussion of art and the spiritual. All of us are artists, in the sense of being human beings engaged in creative activity. Most of us are also professional or aspiring to be professional artists, in the sense of creating objects of art. This class exemplifies what I want out of an MFA: to be in community with people concerned about art and our responsibility as artists.

The two books we are reading now are The Fiction of a Thinkable World and The Man Without Content. Here are some highlights from The Man Without Content:

That is beautiful, ? said Kant, which gives us pleasure without interest. ? We can admit no poetry in our city, ? adds Plato, with an expression that shocks our aesthetic sensibility, save only hymns to the gods and the […]

not enough time, my learning process, stalling

I get the feeling that things are moving too fast. I’ve missed two appointments this week that I planned to go to. One was a morning meditation with a classmate. The other was ESL tutor training. I just forgot about them, even though they were both important to me. Or maybe it’s not that things are moving too fast but that I am in a new place with a new rhythm. How long is the adjustment period supposed to last?

I’ve got so much reading to do and so much writing. My intention for today was to write another monologue, this time from the perspective of a father ? character in my story Catching Rides ?. But I don’t know if I’ll have time.

Tonight there is a campus GLBTQ party that I want to go to. And I […]