Response to David Mamet

My assignment for Keith Abbot’s class for tomorrow is to write a response to the reading of Where Do You Put the Camera? ? from David Mamet’s On Directing Film. Check out the first part of what I’ve come up with:

Through his discussion, beginning with the question of where to put the camera in order to shoot the scene of students coming into a classroom, Mamet outlines several essential tools for filmmaking: shots, beats, scenes, and objectives. Putting these terms in a writing context I understand a shot to be a sentence or a phrase within a sentence, this is the most basic element of a story that tells us something ?. Beat is a traditional film term that Robert McKee defines as an exchange of behavior in action/reaction ?. I’d broaden that definition for the writing context to a thing that happens in action/reaction ?. The beat is the thing that happens and the shot is the sentence that tells us what happens. McKee also defines scene as an action through conflict in […]