The Man Without Content

The Man Without Content. Giorgio Agamben. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1999. 130 pages.

Giorgio Agamben examines the place of art in the modern world and how it has evolved and changed through history. The Man Without Content asks if there is something about the essence of art that is changing or has changed? When Plato said he would banish poetry from his city he was referring to something very different from what poetry and art mean to us today.

Why is it that as artists and writers we often find ourselves on the other side ? of art from our audience? Agamben argues that there is a split in art between the artist and the spectator, as well as between what we call genius and taste. This split in art has created a self-annihilating nothing ? of art. […]

Bullet 5

December is going to be the month of reviews for me. I’m getting alot of reading and writing time. The nice thing about writing reviews is not only can I share some good books with people but I also get to organize my own thoughts on what I’ve just read. Hope you enjoy.

Bullet Issue 5. Keith Jeffrey, ed. United Kingdom: Bullet Media Ltd, 2005. 160 pages.

Bullet Magazine, out of the UK, delivers short fiction for those of us interested in the under side of life or what the cover of Bullet #5 calls white knuckle short fiction ?. Keith Jeffrey, editor, has made it his mission to prove that fiction and the rock’n’roll aesthetic can be mixed effectively to create entertaining and […]

Firestorm: The Nuclear Man

Firestorm Vol. III created by Dan Jolley and artist Chris Cross. Written by Stuart Moore Art by Jamal Igle and Rob Stull. DC Comics.

This isn’t Smallville, where Superman/Clark Kent grew up. This is Detroit and Firestorm / Jason Rusch has real life problems.

Jason Rusch is an ordinary teenager – except in times of danger. Then he glows with the power of an atomic furnace, merges his form with another person, and together they wield the primal forces of the universe ?. He’s also a young black man from Detroit, Michigan.

Up until a few months ago he lived with his father, who is disabled, intimidating, and sometimes physically abusive. It was because of his father’s abuse that Jason’s mother left the family when he was […]

Thank you, Mr. Pinter

I heard the speech mentioned at Sherry Chandler’s blog and there is a heated discussion over at zoetrope. So I decided to check it out for myself.

What I found so moving about the speech is that he says what I’ve heard many of us talk about in hushed voices around the kitchen table, but what is never said in US media. I’m not sure how many people will watch or read the speech around the world, but the Nobel is the most recognized prize in literature, so I expect alot. The power of my response surprised me. I didn’t know it would feel so wonderful to finally have a public voice express these thoughts.

Thank you , Mr. Pinter.

Harold Pinter ? Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth […]

Hooray! Bullet 5 has arrived!

Bullet 5 was in my mailbox today. Unfortuntely I have a final paper due Friday and don’t have time to read it yet. But I am really pleased with the format.

It’s an actual book now, much more substantial than the previous issues at 160 pages. That means longer stories. Cool. And the contributing writers now have short bios at the front of each story. Good stuff. The best part is that the book fits in my back pocket!

I’ll post a review when I get a chance. Right now I got to work on my paper.

Ain’t nothing to it but to do it!

Naropa’s got a new department chair (and check out gnooks)

The Jack Kerouac School has a new department chair. After going a year being governed by faculty committee, Junior Burke was appointed chair. This line from the email announcement sounds promising: He now turns his talents and efforts towards integrating the various programs in the department, and developing parts of the curriculum in directions that increasingly serve the entire community. ?

Here’s his bio from Naropa:

Junior Burke is a prose writer, dramatist and lyricist. His novel, Something Gorgeous will be released in 2005 by Fafalla, McMillan & Parrish. In Fall 2004, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art presented ?Someone Else’s Dream’, a cycle of his songs. Last year, he contributed book and lyrics to Soft Trumpet, Slow Guitar ?, a musical account of the late boxer Sonny Liston, which received a workshop production at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre. In […]

One Down, One To Go

I’ve finished the work for one of my classes and have one more paper to write by next Friday. Keith Abbott asked that we write an essay on what we learned during the workshop. Here’s a short version of what I wrote:

The most (but not only) constructive lesson that I got out of the Building Blocks class was the practice of typewriter yoga ?. Since I use MSWord on my laptop instead of a typewriter I’ve taken to calling my practice Word yoga ?. I sit of my laptop with MS Word open for thirty minutes on a daily basis. I have managed to be fairly consistent with this practice. There was one week during the semester when I neglected doing Word yoga ? and that followed the completion of a first draft […]