Godlike by Richard Hell

Here’s the review I started working on before the holiday. Enjoy.

Godlike by Richard Hell Akashic Books New York 2005

As soon as we let ourselves love another person we are forever wounded, because we are dying and everyone we love is already dead. It’s that certain. Life is just so much unfolding of time and spatial relationships. The wound of our mortality is with us if we dare to look honestly and directly at our lives. Godlike by Richard Hell not only looks but picks at the scab.

Richard Hell was born Richard Meyers in Lexington, Kentucky in 1951. As a teenager he was in and out of trouble. He got […]

Notes on the Matrix: Pre-Writing Space

Yesterday in Notes on Architecture I found out that I was supposed to have turned in an assignment from the week before. yikes! I don’t remember that assignment and I didn’t see it in the handouts.

Luckily, bhanu kapil was nice enough to let me turn it in next week.

It looks like these short notes on ? assignments are going to be a regular part of the class, which means for the next few months they’ll be a regular part of my blog.

here’s the short version of what I’m turning in late next week:

In class last week […]

naropa alumni

Keith Abbott is a real supporter of naropa alumni. In the Fall semester we read a book by a former student. This semester we don’t have any alumni on the reading list but last week Keith brought to class several books by former students. It’s very encouraging to see. The dream is real.

When I was considering MFA programs I searched for books by Naropa faculty, students, and alumi but could only find a couple. So for anyone who is interested here’s a list. I’ll add more as I find them.

The Colorado Motet by A. Rooney (alumni) Hope Valley Hubcap King by Sean Murphy (alumni) It’s How You Play the Game by Jimmy Gleacher (alumni) Skintax by Tim Hernandez (student) First Thing Coming by Keith Abbott (faculty) The Phineas Poe Trilogy by Will Christopher Baer (alumni) Crazy As Chocolate by Elisabeth Hyde (faculty on sabbatical) Indiana, Indiana by Laird Hunt(alumni) […]

Notes on…

Last week classes went great. On Tuesday I went to Notes on Architecture and found that I am the only male in the class of eight. I feel more comfortable in diverse groups, but I think this will be cool. Bhanu Kapil was as great as I’d hoped. We did several writing exercises and read each one aloud. She listened, took notes, and gave insightful feedback. She is very tapped into her intuition and her responses come from that place.

One of the exercises we did was based on an architectural design practice using a grid to generate ideas and variations on ideas. It was very interesting and I came up with several ideas that I may find useful. I have an architecture paper to read and three pages to write for class next week.

Happy Days on Thursday […]

Spring 2006 classes

During the past few weeks I’ve lost some of the discipline I had during the Fall. I haven’t been sitting or writing everydaymore like three or four times a week. My intention to write for one full hour everyday has not yet been realized. And not all the reviews I wanted to write over the break have been completed (I’ve made notes for Godlike but they’re on paper in my journal still).

Oh well, I remind myself of one of my all time favorite books: The Little Engine That Could. It’s amazing how much impact this book has had on me since I read it almost thirty years ago. As a philosophy, I think I can, I think I can has served pretty well.

Classes start back in four days. I’m taking Happy Days with Keith Abbott and Notes […]

Two Weeks Left

I have about two weeks of winter break left. Up until a couple of days ago I was working at The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse as a busser. A great reminder of why I don’t want to do full-time restaurant work. The experience also renewed my respect for my mother who worked as a waitress for years, and she had a bunch of us kids at home.

I’ve been reading alot.

Finished Crime and Punishment. If only Raskolnikov had a meditation practice alot of his trouble could have been avoided. And I’m positive that Columbo was based on the detective Porfiry Petrovich. At times it was really disconcerting because I couldn’t get Peter Falk and his trench coat out of my head.

I’ve finished Godlike and will be […]