Fear and Fearlessness

I’m on Spring Break this week and am trying to catch up on reading and other work. I finished Precarious Life: The Power of Mourning and Violence by Judith Butler and Angry Black White Boy by Adam Mansbach.

And I’m working on the rest of my Shambhala Training II assignment. Here’s my answer to the question on fear and fearlessness:

In Sacred Path of the Warrior Chogyam Trungpa writes that when you look directly into you fear, you feel sadness behind it. What does this have to do with fearlessness?

The feeling of fear arises from our anticipation of a loss. For example, we may be afraid of losing our job, or the love of our families, or the respect of our community, or even […]

Synchronizing Mind and Body

I am working on my assignment for Shambhala Training II. I have to write one page answers to five questions. The first question is:

What does it mean for mind and body to be synchronized? Give an example. What does this have to do with meditation practice?

I reread the chapter of Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa called Synchronizing Mind and Body. Here’s my answer:

Synchronizing mind and body is the way a human being uses his sense perceptions correctly and effectively. Synchronizing the mind and body also implies working with the universe, being connected through our bodies (senses) with the world.

The two stage process of synchronization begins with […]

Naropa’s Summer Writing Program

As part of my MFA I am required to attend two Summer Writing Programs which is a four week intensive at Naropa with writers from all over the world.

This summer will be my first. Each week I’ll attend one workshop. Today I was given the paperwork and told that I have to come up with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice for each week. These may change in the next week but here are my choices as of today:


First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

June 19 – 25

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Building a house

This morning I met with Bhanu Kapil before class. We talked about event and novel writing. She had recommended the book Biting the Error.

She was very encouraging. She said that my daily writing practice was a good one but that I might consider adding some pressure to my novel writing. Her suggestion was to write it during the summer before or after the Summer Writing Program.

I have been wanting to avoid just that sort of cram session. But maybe I should keep the option open. If I do the cramming ahead of time then maybe I can tap into some of the pressure without getting the stress of doing it all last minute. And then I could spend the next year on edits and revisions.

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A weekend doing nothing

This past weekend I attended Shambhala Training Level II. I’ll be writing some notes about the weekend for class and will share them here.

I talked with Donald Preziosi today about not being my advisor. I had asked him to be my critical thesis advisor a couple of weeks ago and he agreed. But last week I met with Junior Burke to ask for his advice on my manuscript. I told him I want to write a novel while I’m here. He said that was smart. ( ?Even if you get some short stories published and someone is interested in you they’re going to want a novel. So you might as well right the damn thing now. ?) He also said I would have to make some sacrifices.

I talked with Keith Abbott about writing a novel also. He […]

Response to Denver Art Museum: DAM!

More from Bhanu Kapil’s class. Last week I visited the Denver Art Museum. Here is my response:

It felt good to be in a city. Tightness uncoiled from my chest when I saw black folks on the streets. I walked down the street. The buildings opened up into canyons.

I asked a man on the street where was the museum. He pointed with his cigarette and told me, It’s next to the library. ? The building looked medieval or like a stage set for Shakespeare.

The entrance was marked with a circle of red pylons arranged in a way that made me think of Stonehenge. But the writing on the red columns told of Native American history with the United States. Among the markings were the letters […]

Writing as a memorial of loss

A couple of weeks ago in Bhanu’s class we looked at the architecture of memorials, specifically Maya Lin. We had an in class writing assignment to write a memorial of loss ? using some prompting questions taken from Maya Lin and other architects.

Here’s what I turned in:

Memorial: A Window of One’s Own

I can’t tell you what has been lost.

What ever was lost is gone, gone so completely that I can’t even name its absence. Instead I can start by answering the question: What has not been lost? ?

No one died. No one was killed. I didn’t […]

MFA Advisor(s?)

I had a meeting with Junior Burke today to ask for guidance on the MFA advisor relationship and on my creative manuscript in general. I explained that my undergraduate work was in civil engineering and I graduated without any meaningful relationship with any of my professors. I don’t really know how this is all supposed to go.

I told him that I want to complete a publishable novel by the time I graduate and want to know what I should be doing now to make sure that happens.

He told me it will be a lot of work to write a novel as my creative manuscript but it can be done. He said I will have to make some sacrifices ?. I told him about my writing practice: 45 minutes a day, five days a week. He said that […]