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Last week when I was visiting Lexington I brought with me several copies of Bombay Gin 32, Naropa’s annual journal of poetry and literature. I passed on a few copies to friends. But for those not lucky enough to get one I also asked Sqecial Media to stock a few copies. (Thanks Mary!)

So go buy this book! Unfortunately you won’t find any of my writing in there because I was on the staff. But you will get some poetry by the likes of Thurston Moore, Jello Biafra, and Ray Gonzalez. You will also get selections from writers like Rebecca Brown and Ron Savage.

And if you are at all interested in attending Naropa or the Summer Writing Program, this is a good source for finding the work of students, alumni, and faculty.

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Travelling Writer

I’ve been visiting Kentucky for the past week. It has been over a year since I’ve been here to there are lots of people for me to visit with. I’m having a great time.

And I’ve gotten some work done. I read through my manuscript with a red pen and made some changes. Now I have draft #2 almost done. When I get back to Boulder I’m going to get some comments back from Tim, who has been reading it since the beginning of the summer. By the time I bring it to class to workshop it should be pretty sharp.

I’ve also been listening to sappy love songs from the 80’s. (Remember Spandau Ballet? True?) But I won’t go into it. Let’s just say that I’m surprised at how some of my deepest ideas about love and life […]

Rent Girl by Michelle Tea & Laurenn McCubbin

I’m getting a lot of reading done since the Summer Writing Program. One book I just finished is Rent Girl by Michelle Tea (Illustrated by Laurenn McCubbin). This is a memoir of a sex worker. The back cover explains: Rent Girl is the boldly illustrated saga of one broke baby dyke trying to make a buck in the surreal world of the sex industry. ?

Tea tells the story of a young woman who is neither victim or hero. No one forces her into sex work. She finds out her girl-friend is a prostitute and is attracted by the illicit glamour and the money. Mostly its the money, as she describes herself in the book as a ?confused lesbian slacker with no saleable job skills ? and many times stresses her own laziness and greed.

The other prostitutes range […]

2006 American Book Award

Last month I posted about a friend and classmate who got some incredible news. He’s put out a press release so I can go ahead and talk about it. Tim Z. Hernandez has won the 2006 American Book Award for his book of poems: Skin Tax.

It is incredibly exciting. I got his book back in January when I heard his interview on Nuestra Palabra radio. And the poetry was so awesome I bought another copy for Doris’ brother.

We’ve talked about doing some kind of interview to post on here. Tim and I have great writing conversations. But I’ve never written an actual interview and don’t know how I could get it down. But I’m going to give it a shot.

Tim is great person and […]