Art School Confidential

Last night Doris and I watched Art School Confidential. At the video story I read this on the box and had to take it home:

Unfortunately, the beauty and craft of Jerome’s portraiture are not appreciated in an anything-goes art class that he finds bewildering and bogus. Neither his harsh judgments of his classmates’ efforts nor his later attempts to create pseudo-art of his own win him any admirers.

I would only give the move 3 out of 5 stars, but for the first half of the movie I couldn’t stop laughing.

2-3 Clave Haiku For You

At the beginning of this semester, my friends Tim Hernandez and Luis Valadez and I decided to start writing a communal poem. The idea came Keith Abbott who gave a renku assignment in his Sequences class.

We didn’t follow all the rules of renku but we did our best and we’re having fun (which is what counts). Starting with three lines from Basho I added two of my own. Tim used my two lines and wrote three lines of his own. Luis took the last two lines from Tim and wrote three of his own. And so on and so on.

Because of the 2-3 pattern we called it 2-3 Clave Haiku. Here’s what we have so far:

My waking to the Way

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Sending out more submissions

Last week in Bobbie Louise-Hawkin’s class we watched a monologue with Spalding Gray, where he talked about getting a part in the movie: The Killing Fields. He said that he went through a period of time of magical thinking, where he thought he could control the future by snapping his fingers or only turning off the radio when he heard a positive word. He tried to talk himself out of it, but he persisted. And eventually he got the part.

I’m not there (yet). But I am sending out seven more submissions this week. All are for the same story: July 5th which I think is one of my best. But I know it might be a hard one to sale. The opening paragraph is:

I want to be dead. I am not thinking about divorce or child support […]

Four Writers

Last night, I parked on the wrong side of CU’s campus and was 15 minutes late to the 4×4 Reading. I missed Virginia Bellis. But I got to hear Sloan Fiffer, Alex Stein, and Laura Van Etten from CSU.

Sloan was introduced by Bhanu Kapil and some of what she read was writing she had worked on in class last semester. I appreciated seeing the growth of those pieces. Even though she introduced them as fragments, I could see how they were beginning to cohere.

Alex Stein shared some rather humorous and thoughtful pieces based on interviews and overheard conversation. The overheard conversations reminded me of the weekly exercises for Bobbie Louise Hawkins’ class. Each week we are to bring in pieces of overheard dialogue to share with the class. Bobbie says that listening and transcribing real-life dialogue improves […]

Latino Poetry Festival!

Check it out:

This Saturday, October 7th, is the Latino Poetry Festival at Boulder Public Library. Among the readers will be my friends Tim Hernandez and Luis Valadez, so you know it is going to be a good time.

The reading is dedicated to the memory of Trinidad Sanchez Jr..

Hope to see you there.

Good News!

Last week I was on my way to class and was feeling kind of down about being here at Naropa.

I was thinking unproductive thoughts like: Does anyone here even care about me? Or my writing? ? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like that. Maybe I’m just insecure. I wouldn’t be the first insecure artistic, that’s for sure.

Then just as I was walking slowly to class, second guessing my choices, I got some great news. The writing department invited me to read at one of the 4×4 Readings this year. How nice! Maybe someone here does care about me. Maybe some people here do think my writing is important.

I’m happy again!

The 4×4 Readings […]