4×4 Reading Tomorrow with ME!

I’ll be reading tomorrow as part of the 4×4 Reading hosted by CSU. The reading is in Ft. Collins at the CSU Bookstore in the Lory Student Center. The readers will be: Stacy Burns from CSU, Kelly Anzulavich from CU, Sara Veglan from DU, and me from Naropa.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to read from the monologues I read this summer and at the Trinidad Sanchez Jr. Memorial Reading or if I was going to read from my novel-in-progress. Then I saw the introduction Keith Abbott wrote for me:

Jason McDaniel has been a great source of delight for both his fiction and his comments in his workshops.

His current novel titled Josie has some amazing characters and scenes in it. Because Josie involves […]

Send in your work to Bombay Gin!

Please repost this and forward on to writers who might be interested:

bombay gin #33

In order to communicate, we must be clear on our definitions. However, our language has become euphemestic, our distinctions too vague; the power to enact change has been appropriated by our oppressors and it is up to the artist to redefine the world if we are to change the frequency ? (quoting Anne Waldman).

For its 33rd installment, Bombay Gin seeks work that redefines poetry, prose, translation, visual art, gender, race, class, and humanity in general. Work that recontextualizes what has been marginalized by the mainstream, turns the language of oppression into the lexicon of empowerment, challenges antiquated forms of literary expression, and adds clarity tothe contemporary world conversation of […]

Writer as Mugger

About a year ago I wrote the blog: Writer as Fast Food Worker. Now I’m also thinking along the lines of Writer as Mugger.

This image came to me last week after watching Piñero for the second time. I saw the movie several years ago and read Outrageous One Act Plays.

And this summer I watched Short Eyes and had a week long workshop with Miguel Algarin, close friend of Piñero.

So this image has come to me of what I want to do as a writer. I see my text taking the readers by their necks and pushing them into a dark alley where it keeps them pinned to the wall with one hand while the other hand strips them of everything they value: purses, watches, […]

Monologue & Characterization

The monologue class with Bobbie Louise-Hawkins is going well. We started the semester with brief writing assignments that have culminated in longer pieces. The first time I attempted using the monologue form was last year in Keith Abott’s Buiding Blocks class. And it has proved so very useful.

Before that class I had used my writing to sort of play make-believe with my characters. But always I was telling the story. Writing monologues with Keith and Bobbie, I have been playing make-believe with myself as writer. Ironically, it is a more honest way to tell a story sometimes.

And I am still telling the story, but it is an I that I’ve never met before.

Naropa Departmental Meeting

At a W&P Department meeting the faculty talked about the courses they will each be teaching next semester. Although I’ll be working on my manuscript and so won’t be taking any of those courses, I went to the meeting to hear what they had to say and maybe get some ideas for the course proposal I’m writing to teach an introduction to creative writing in the Spring.

It was a little disconcerting to see all the faculty sitting together and only one of them was not white. And there are no black or latino teachers?!? Major red flag.

But I wish they had started this last year. The faculty were able to talk about their courses and answer questions. Keith Abbott is going to be teaching the course I took with him last spring on American classism and writing […]