Manuscript & Thesis Semester starts NOW!

School started back this week and I started two new jobs. I’m working back at the cafe, the job that inspired my post Writer as Fast Food Worker. I’m hoping I get the same inspiration out of it this semester. And I’m working at the computer lab on campus. This is the kind of job I had during undergrad and for a long time before I decided to seriously pursue writing. I’ve avoided working with computers for a long time because I didn’t want to be distracted from writing. But with the past few years and an almost MFA degree, I feel rooted in my self as writer. So I feel free to branch out a little. Plus, it will probably mean more frequent updates to this blog. I picked up my schedule for this semester. Other than some weekend meditation workshops, I don’t have any regular courses. What I do have is a critical thesis and creative manuscript to finish. Here’s my schedule: March 2 Preliminary Final Draf of Manuscript & Critical These due […]

Getting published in 2007

I sent out seven more submissions today:

The Missouri Review Ploughshares The Paris Review Gettysburg Review Cimarron Review QuarterlyWest and Playboy. That brings me up to 28 submissions since August, more than half way towards my goal of 50 before the Summer Writing Program.

Slow progress is progress

Writing is hard work. Just when I think Aha! I got this figured out! ? it slips right through my hands. Last summer I wrote six pages a day for a month. And I wrote with passion and liked what I was writing. It was easy. Now I’m barely getting two or three pages a day written. And I when I am writing it is mostly a frustrating experience. There are a number of factors causing this. And being able to recognize them is why I’m still able to get at least a little done every day. My personal life is going through some major changes. Last summer my partner was out of town for most of the month I was writing. So I was pretty much living alone. Now my partner is very much here but we are also going through a difficult transition in our relationship. It’s not easy to find my creative energies under these circumstances. But for a couple hours a day I’m getting some work ? done. There’s also the […]