First Print Publication!

Three of my monologs have been published in Symposium Magazine from Boabob Tree Press. Boulder Naropa Student, Peter Rugh, asked me to submit the monologs I’d read at the IN XOCHITL IN CUICATL reading earlier this month. I sent them to him and he put them in the magazine. Thanks Peter!

Friday night I read them and the Prison Cell Monolog at the release party. It was alot of fun with lots of music and poetry. They do it every Wednesday at Republic of Boulder. If you are in town check it out.

Soon I will post the monologs in the Work section but if you want to purchase a copy, email dsnkltrd [at] They are also accepting submissions for the second issue.


Shambhala Diversity (update)

I recently blogged my concerns about Shambhala diversity (Feb. 25). And seems I’m not alone in these concerns. Just this month the Shambhala News announced a North American People of Color Scholarhsip Fund has been established to help train meditation instructors. The is also a section of the Shambhal website devoted to diversity issues.

Teaching Creative Writing in Prison

is just what I might be doing this summer. It’s been a goal of mine to get involved in volunteering in prison for the past few years. Now it looks like it is actually going to happen. Last weekend I attended a training workshop with the Shambhala Prison Community and out of that started a conversation with Bill Karelis. Bill told me that the SPC is very interested in starting writing programs in prison and has begun working on two such projects already (one in Spain and one in Australia). I told Bill that I’ve been talking with my friend, Tim Z. Hernandez about doing this kind of work for a while. I explained that both Tim and I are drawn to working with people in prison for similar reasonspeople we love have been in or still are in prison. Last week the three of us had breakfast and decided now was the time to make this happen. I’ll share more details as we get them figured out.

The Writer’s Database

I’ve been under the weather the last few days. That has given me some time to slow down and look closer at my writing. The manuscript is coming along. I have about 1/2 of the first draft revised. I’m noticing that I’m going to have to make some structural decisions, but I’m holding off until I’ve gone through the entire thing. Although it hasn’t helped me recieve any acceptance letters (yet), the Writer’s Database has helped me organize my efforts to get published. And it just got alot better. Charles, the sites creator, added some great features. Now you can share markets with other users. Thanks, Charles! And speaking of markets, I ordered two new books this week: Guide to Literary Agents 2007 and Writer’s Market 2007. The Guide to Literary Agents was recommended by a friend who is in the process of sending out her manuscript. I’ve had my eye on the Writer’s Market for a while but didn’t want to waste my money on something I might not use. But I’m already sending […]