Two Readings This Week in Sunny California!

I’m pretty excited. Tomorrow I fly to California for a few days with my friend Tim. He got me on as an opener at a couple of his readings.

The first one is on Thursday (May 17th) in Fresno with The INNER EAR Open Mic Poetry Jam. The headliners are Beau Sia and Tim Z. Hernandez.

The second reading is on Friday (May 18th) at First Arts in Visalia, CA.

Here’s all the info for both readings:

Thursday May 17th 7:30pm-11

Full Circle Brewing Co.

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A Poem for Mother’s Day

I read this poem at an open mic during Kentucky Women Writers Conference in 2005. It feels appropriate for this day.

She sets up her cardboard box temple at the crossroads over the mountain pass on the side of the road waiting for one thing to end and another to begin waiting for the tooth to fall out black and hollow holding on to lost children and conspiring to lose her mind she reads the phone book and finds all the same people with different numbers She asks for the crown royale like she’s asking for the time but she’s really asking if love is going to come around one more time and sit down next to her altar and take away what sorrow she has left and take her away over the mountain she says one last time

Graduation Blues

Tomorrow my thesis is due. I have everything completed except for printing it and getting it bound.

Thursday evening is the BA Graduation Reading. I’m going to that. I want to hear my friend Tim read. And I got a personal invite from another graduating writer: Ella.

Friday is the MFA Graduation Reading. This I’m going to skip. These rituals are not really for me.

On Saturday is the graduation ceremony. I wasn’t planning on attending, but I heard that Alice Walker would be speaking so I reserved a couple of tickets. But I’m still not walking. No cap, no gown. And definately no handshake.

Several of my friends (and even people I don’t really […]

John Daido Loori Part 2

I’m a little late in posting this but with end of the semester I’ve been swamped. The school work is not too much but I’ve picked up a bunch of hours at my job.

But I wanted to finish writing about the the zen intensive with John Daido Loori.

The second assignment was to:

Express things for what they are, their suchness. This-very-momentness. ? The thing that makes it unique, that makes it stand out. Our of all the things in the universe, this particular thing is unique.

The last line I have written in my notes is great: Intimacy is the non-dual dharma.

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