SWP Week 1 – Friday Lecture

The last Friday of the first week, Donald Preziosi gave a lecture titled Art, Politics, and Amnesia ?. This was the first of two lectures; the second will be given on Tuesday, July 3rd. I’ll be sure to post my notes on that talk as well.

Preziosi began the lecture by stating a dual purpose: to talk about poetry as artifice and to talk about poetry’s debt to being. He clarified that his talk would be concerned with what poetry’s enchantments fabricate ethically and politically. ?

Having studied with Preziosi for a semester and having read his book Brain of the Earth’s Body, I was somewhat familiar with his ideas on poetry as artifice. His argument that the world of art is not fictional reflection of the world overlapping the real ? world in which we actually live, but […]

SWP Week 1 Opening Panel

The opening panel of the Boulder Naropa SWP was called What’s Beneath Your Feet? – Almanacs of Place ?. While the focus of the week is on environmentalism, one of the panelists, Mark Nowak talked mostly about workers’ rights. He made the statement, It is important to talk about the workers that are beneath our feet. ?

During the Q&A I got up and asked about the ways the environmental movement and how it uses language based out of ownership and privilege. I believe it is essential for us to talk about workers if the environmental movement is to be more than a tool for maintaining the status quo of oppression. How do our language and values about the environment change depending on whether we own pieces of the environment and are citizens with full rights in the land on which we live, or whether we are workers and do not […]

Josie: Extended Play

The Boulder Naropa SWP starts tomorrow and I’m pretty certain I’m not going to make my goal of finishing Josie by then. But that’s okay with me. It was an arbitrary deadline anyway.

And I have been writing these last few days and that always makes me feel good. I’ll continue working on it (just a few thousand more words left) but I have a lot of other projects I need to focus on that do not have arbitrary time constraints.

As a student at the Boulder Naropa SWP I have a paper due tomorrow. The assignment for the first week was given by Donald Preziosi:

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Josie: The Final Lap

This is it, the final lap. I started working on Josie over a year ago. Now I’m finally coming to the end.

The most challenging part of the last few weeks has been having the self-discipline to sit down and write. In fact, writing this blog post is just one of the ways I’m procrastinating. It’s actually feels more difficult now than it did in the beginning.

Last year when I first started writing the manuscript I remember coming to some parts where I felt blocked. What I did to get past it was just to write what ever I felt like even if it didn’t exactly fit with what I had intended for the story. And usually that took the story in a new direction.

Most […]