M.I.A. is Revolution!

This weekend Doris and I saw an amazing/inspiring/disturbing/awesome show at the Filmore in Denver. M.I.A. tore the house down. This was the second time I saw her in Denver. I mentioned the first show in my Writer as Fry Cook blog post.

The opening act was The Egyptian Lover who kicked it old school. Hiphop has been around for a few decades now. There is a history. Very cool to experience some of that history. And you know when a brother been making music for 25 years, he’s learned a few things, improved on a few things, picked up some more technique. He delivered a nice set of electro-funk and the crowd was into it.

When M.I.A. came out she took charge of the stage. I’m not sure how best to describe her show. It’s hiphop and world music. […]

Creative Balance

Yesterday I had some extra time off from work, so I was able to take care of a few things that I’ve been letting slide.

First thing I did was search craigslist.org for summer housing in NYC. I need a room for June and July. Finding housing in NYC is a challenge, but there are some pretty good leads out there. I’m not picky on location, as long as I’m near a subway.

The next thing I did was work in my notebook. I used a brainstorming technique called mind mapping or clustering. In the center of the page I wrote a word (the setting for my next project) with a circle around it. Next, I drew a line from that circle and wrote a new word. From the second word I drew another line with a new word. […]

Stop the Violence!

Today I was listening to Tavis Smiley’s show My America 2008: Gun Violence. The show was in response to the recent weekend of shootings in Chicago: 36 people shot, 9 die, during weekend in Chicago. In the show, families of victims past and present were interviewed.

At work I was talking to one of my co-workers about it. He grew up in Chicago and showed me where he’d been shot when he was a teenager.

Listening to the the radio show I could really feel for these families: a father who lost his son, a daughter who lost her father. And I could almost see the boys and men who’d pulled the trigger, their hearts so small and scared, their minds so twisted and confused.

A man […]

The Notebook

Recently I discovered one of my teachers from Naropa Boulder has started to blog: jackkerouacispunjabi.blogspot.com. Bhanu Kapil blog is very close to being in her class at the Jack Kerouac School, except as a web page, it’s even more a School of Disembodied Poetics. In one recent post she quoted Rilke:

“Ask yourself, must I write?; and if you cannot answer yes, then maybe you should not write. Maybe you’re not a writer.”

So I’ve been asking myself that question: Must I write? At this very moment, must I write? It reminds me of a Shambhala teaching on the primoridal dot:

There’s always the primordial dot: that spark of goodness that exists even before you think. We are worthy of that. Everybody possesses that unconditioned possibility of […]