Misalliance and No-No Boy

I had the opportunity to see the play Misalliance by Bernard Shaw at The Pearl Theatre earlier this week. Although I’ve heard the name “Bernard Shaw” before, I did not know anything about him. I had know idea what to expect from this play.

Halfway through the first act I wasn’t happy about where I thought the play was going. It seemed very old, even Victorian. All the characters seem to have been introduced and the biggest conflict was engagement between the daughter of a rich (middle-class) family and the son of a rich (upper class) father. Not only did I find the premise uninteresting, but the poor (working class) did not seem to exist (except that someone had to be working in the middle-class father’s factory).

My disinterest turned to aversion when the characters suggested that Lord Summerhays, who had been the governor of a far-off colony “Jinghiskahn”, should be asked to govern domestic affairs in England. How naive can this play be?

Just before the curtained dropped on the first act, though, […]