Accents – Radio Show

It’s been just over a year since Katerina Stoykova-Klemer started doing Accents: A Radio Show for Literature, Art and Culture on WRFL in Lexington, KY; but I only discovered it in the last couple of weeks. Now I’m catching up by listening to past shows on my morning commute.

Each show is about an hour long and usually features a guest writer, listener submitted poems, and several recurring rubrics, such as “International Poet of the Week” and “Writing Term of the Week”. Klemer’s interview style is refreshingly unpretentious and accessible, but at the same time sophisticated and intellectual. She is a recent graduate of the Spalding MFA program, and the show has an MFA sensibility which I appreciate. This is a show by a writer, about writers, and for writers.

A couple of gems I’ve listened to so far include the May 15, 2009 show with Frank X. Walker. Walker reads several of his poems, including one of my favorites “Kentucke”. He candidly describes his writing process on Buffalo Dance and his current work-in-progress, a […]