Creativity at Artcroft – Carlisle, KY

I’ve been in the writer’s residence at Artcroft for almost two weeks. One of my goals for this residency is to write daily and create a substantial first draft of a novel. My current tally is 12,000+ words; I am good with that.

I’m taking a short break in Lexington for a couple of days with my family. This will give me time to take care of some personal affairs that require Internet and phone access. On residency I have only limited Internet access using my phone.

Upon arriving at Artcroft I was bolstered by the beauty of the surrounding land and the care that has gone into creating this place. The fact that Robert and Maureen Barker built this place specifically in support of the arts is truly inspiring and motivating. I am grateful to be one of the many recipients of their support and encouragement. Their own creativity and art endeavours enable them to truly understand and provide what a person needs to sustain himself in a creative space.

I stay in the […]