Mythium – Literary Journal of Poetry & Fiction

Mythium ? The Journal of Contemporary Literature and Cultural Voices Vol. 1 #2 2010 edited by Ronald Davis and Crystal Wilkinson

I’m enjoying the creative writing in this journal. But first I have to say something about the cover. It looks like a sales receipt from shopping at a grocery store for cultural concepts. Voice, Ability, and Relevancy are the most expensive items on the list. Apples are the least expensive, and Acceptance was rung up ($2.95) but voided. The cover itself is an interesting, playful, and thought provoking poem, even down to the 6% Fable Tax.

The first poem in Mythium is Men Who Give Milk I by Nikky Finney. This poem mesmerized me. I’ve experienced many moments like the one Finney describes, we all have. She brings this particular man, in this particular moment, alive with rich meaning and wonder.

Just a few days after reading the poem, I heard Finney on Accents discussing her forthcoming book Head Off & Split. She read this poem, Men Who Give Milk I, […]

Writing: Joy and Gratitude

My residency at Artcroft has filled me with a world of inspiration. I was there for almost the entire month of July. While there I began a new writing project, a novel about three siblings. The surrounding landscape in Carlisle, Ky is lovely and inspiring. I posted some photos on Facebook. Although my fiction is usually set in urban environs, the beauty and spaciousness of Artcroft allowed me to focus on my novel writing and touch into my creativity.

I feel so much joy and gratitude for having met Robert and Maureen Barker, the founders of Artcroft. Their efforts to support the arts will continue to have a profound impact on the world, such is the power of artists.

The residency culminated with a reading I gave in Millersburg, Ky. I read an early short story I wrote in James Baker Hall’s creative writing class at UK, and I read an excerpt from the novel I began during the residency. Jim Lally, Ken Swinson and several more artists and poets were in attendance. I was […]