Labor Day

Today is the last day of my summer vacation. Fittingly, this is the day set aside to celebrate the achievements of Labor unions (40 hour weeks, child labor laws, etc). Tomorrow I will return to work, refreshed and grateful for the time I had this summer.

The last few months have been filled with writing and creativity. The writer residency at Artcroft provided me a space to begin a new project. I also received some valuable feedback from Gordon Warnock that helped me to re-examine an older work. And last week I went to Chicago to read at the Reconstruction Room, a reading curated by my good friend, Luis Valadez. I was able to visit an old friend and make new ones. I couldn’t ask for a better conclusion to my summer break.

I resolve to sustain my creativity, even as I return to work. While I may not be writing as much as I wrote this summer, I will continue to write. I have a deadline in October to finish one project, and several […]