Shambhala Art Weekend

A couple of weeks ago I was in Boston for a weekend of Shambhala Art taught by Acharya Arawana Hayashi. I’ve been reading True Perceptions: The Path of Dharma Art since the beginning of the year, and this workshop came just at the right time.

The program was concerned with using our senses to realize our connection with the phenomenal world. The mind is creative and very naturally connects with the world. From the beginning of our lives we connect with our world. Our brains are optimized to establish direct connection with the phenomenal world. It’s what we do.

Human beings also have the ability to assign meaning to phenomena. This is a handy tool but inhibits our ability to directly connect with the world. Assigning meaning is not same as perception, but we tend to treat it the same. During the workshop we practiced separating these two activities by focusing on how each of our senses perceives the world. This is a practice of which I am still unsure. Meaning can be very […]