Books that changed my life (so far)

I’ve been participating in a Lighthouse Writers Workshop for the past couple of months. The workshop instructor was Erika Krouse. We met each week in a Boulder coffee house to discuss and share our stories.

I always get so much out of workshops. The variegated feedback I receive on my own stories is invaluable, but so is reading and offering feedback to other writers. I learned so much from everyone in this workshop. And most important, the weekly meetings helped keep me thinking about and actively engaged with writing.

As a closing activity, Erika asked us to send her a list of five to ten books that have changed our lives. Below is the list I shared.

I would have included The Art of Happiness and The Words of Gandhi, because these books profoundly changed my life. I could have included Hop on Pop and Frog and Toad, because these books introduced me to the joy of reading stories.

But rather than spiritual texts and sentimental favorites, this is a list of […]