Look To Where You Want To Be

As I continue my investigation of the principles Shambhala Art, I’m considering this quote from page one of True Perception: Dharma Art:

“…the artist embodies the viewer as well as the creator of the works. Vision is not separate from operation.”

When I sit down to write a first draft, my tendency is to gather my thoughts before putting pen to page. I don’t necessarily workout each sentence ahead of time, although I know some writers who do. I usually have a general shape in mind before I start making marks.

The process is something like this: I listen to my mind, which is at first silent but not quiet. Perhaps what I hear is indistinct murmuring or the wind or the couple across the hall arguing or the couple snuggled on the couch watching a movie of people arguing. I don’t know what I hear or even if I hear anything until thoughts begin to coagulate into harmonies, and then I begin to write. The marks on the page distinguish the aeolian notes […]