Reading Triton in the Dark Ecology

I became aware Samuel R. Delany when he was a writing teacher at Naropa’s Summer Writing Program. What made an impression on me was a talk he gave about the differences between story telling and story writing. At the time, I was occupied with writing dramatic monologues, so his insights were especially appreciated.

I read Nova and sent it to my nephew who I thought would enjoy it (and be up for the challenge). Next, I read Hogg—which I definitely did not pass along to my nephew! Finally, I came across the Neveryona books and knew I had found something truly special. I was delighted and sought out all I could about the series. I found there was a prologue: a science fiction novel.

Trouble on Triton could be read as a postcolonial allegory. Distinct cultures developed as a result of humans spreading throughout the solar system. Moonies live on various satellites. Marsies and Earthmen live on planets.

Ultimately, war breaks out between those who live on moons and those who live on planets. The […]