Reading Content in Trouble on Triton: Occupy Consumerism

I’m continuing my dark ecology reading of Trouble on Triton by investigating other readings of the novel. One of Delany’s noted literary interests is exploration of sex in literature. An essay by Robert Elliot Fox compares the speculative sexuality in two of Sam Delany’s novels: Trouble on Triton and Tides of Lust. Fox’s reading of the novels deals with representation of political and sexual matters in each. I will consider the part of his essay focused on that novel specifically, as an example of a reading primarily concerned with content.

Fox describes Bron, the main character of Trouble on Triton, as a deeply flawed anti-hero unable or unwilling to enjoy the freedom offered by the utopian societies that acknowledge a range of desires and cater to most, if not all. This vision of society as an aggregation without a mainstream appeals to Fox, who interprets Bron as an elitist because he refuses to accept himself as a type based on his desires. (p. 44)

According to Fox, Bron’s problems stem from emotional weakness, lack of […]