Going Further In Delany’s Triton

Continuing my reading of Trouble on Triton, I’m responding to the question:

How is a dark ecology reading different from readings centered on content and form?

The figure at the center of dark ecology is what Timothy Morton calls the Beautiful Soul, a subject position that directs a critical eye toward everything except itself. Morton uses Hegel to identify consumerism as the quintessential attitude of the Beautiful Soul.

Consumerism isn’t merely consuming; it is performing. One may abstain, as did Percy and Mary Shelley, who boycotted sugar in protest of the Slave Trade; one may also dine on steak, as in Trouble on Triton when Bron and the Spike go to a kitsch restaurant built in People’s Capitalist China. Whether abstaining or indulging, the performance of consuming is an expression of the same subject position: the consumerist. This subject position allows one to occupy subject positions that are technically reproducible commodities. ? (p.113) The societies in Trouble on Triton consider these commodities inviolate and their consumption imperative.

The description of Bron’s attitude toward the […]