Reading & Writing Cognitive Poetics

Always, I endeavor to read as a writer and discover techniques I can use in my writing. So listening to online talks from the 2010 Seminar on Cognitive Poetics piqued my interest and started me on a search to learn all I could about the field of cognitive poetics. There are many free resources, but, for a coherent frame to engage with a broad range of topics, I’ve been studying two textbooks: Cognitive Poetics: An Introduction by Peter Stockwell and Cognitive Poetics in Practice edited by Joanna Gavins and Gerard Steen. What appeals to me, generally, about the cognitive approach is summarized in the introduction to Stockwell’s book:

Cognitive poetics has the potential to offer a unified explanation of both individual interpretations as well as interpretations that are shared by a group, community or culture. ?

Over the next year or so, I will be reading and responding to various chapters in these textbooks. The style of my responses will be based on assignments I did in graduate school. Several of my professors […]