Got to get published

I have a couple of weeks before going back to Lexington. I’ll be starting a new job tomorrow (as a ranch hand!) and moving to our new apartment on Tuesday. But I’ve decided to use this time to work in getting published.

A friend and classmate at Naropa got some incredible news last week that has inspired me. I don’t want to say what the news is yet because I don’t think the official announcement has been made. But he already said he’d give me an interview, so I’ll post one pretty soon.

I have a few stories of my own that are ready for publication. I sent some out last year, but this year I’m going to make an even bigger effort. I’m using the Writer’s Database to track them. In the next week I’ll send my story July 5th to six publications:

And I’m going to send my story Getting Rides to The Sun. Mr. Safransky already turned down July 5th.

I know my chances at being accepted by some of these publications is slim to none, but its even less if I never try. And I’ve been thinking about all the stories I’ve heard of people recieving hundreds of rejections before getting their first publication. I figure I have a lot of rejection slips to earn of my own.

I have more publications on my list but many of them don’t start accepting submissions until September. Once I send these seven off, I’ll start preparing those.

Wish me luck!

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