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My first published story of 2011 is now available for Kindle readers. Vagabonds is a story of two brothers on a Greyhound bus. The distance they travel can’t be measured in miles; what they’re looking for can’t be found at journey’s end.

The first draft of this story was written in a class with James Baker Hall. Thanks, Jim. I’m glad the story is out in the world now. Who knows where it will end up, maybe with the vagabonds?

Their father handed them envelopes with $ ? written on the front in blue ink. The oldest brother, Doug, stuffed the envelope in his front pocket. The desert sun glared, penetrating into the shadows and warming the exhaust filled air.

Their father put a hand on each of their shoulders. He said, Don’t spend all of it at the first stop. There’s no way to get money to you. Don’t lose it. ?

The Apache Junction bus terminal was modern with mirrored glass windows. Concrete walls trapped the desert wind, creating small dust devils that danced around the edges of fresh black asphalt.

Tommy, the younger brother, opened his envelope. He made a disgusted sound. Only ten dollars? ?

You can purchase Burnt Bridge #2 for your Kindle and continue reading “Vagabonds”, along with many other poems and stories by talented writers.

If, like me, you do not have a Kindle, know that the print version of the journal will be available soon.

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