It Gets Greater

The first issue of Crescendo City, a Harlem based literary magazine, is available for purchase online.

Editors Katherine Sanders, Julia Guez, Kat Laskowski, Stephen Payne, and Anna Smith have put together a lovely publication that pulls on a broad range of talents around Harlem including:

Matvei Yankelevich, SCOO D FOO, DA BOM!, Ella Veres, Diana Santana, Erin Ehsani, Hilary Vaughn Dobel, Dawn Marie Perry, Dina Montes, Justin Long-Moton, Emily Herzlin, Bob McNeil, Molly Aubry, Nitsa, Annastasha Larsen,
and yours truly.

The first draft of Butterfly Affect was written in Brooklyn several years ago. I was inspired by Anton Chekov’s Gooseberries to frame concentric tellings of a story. Last year, the Harlem Writers’ Circle workshopped the story and provided many helpful insights. I am proud of how it turned out and hope you enjoy.

LORENZ AND MADI were the type of couple everyone likes to have in their extended network. Madi was a school teacher. Lorenz was career minded without being opportunistic. Friday night, he had to work late and caught a cab across town to see her. He typed in her pass code at the building’s front door and took the stairs two at a time up to the fourth floor.

To continue reading “Butterfly Affect”, along with many other poems and stories by talented writers, purchase Crescendo City #1 using paypal or visit Innisfree Bookstore in Boulder, CO.

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