Two Poems (inspired by young people)

Here are two poems I wrote inspired by leading workshops in schools:

“Where I’m From”, based on an exercise in George Ella Lyon’s “how-to” poetry book:

I’m from fast motorcycles
and old cars rolling over
rolling hills.

I’m from double lines
stretched through burnt desert
and snowy peaks.

I’m from too much TV
and video game calluses.

I’m from get your hands up
and sit your butt down.

I’m from what are you doing
here and
where you think you’re going?

I’m from a pacifying ocean
and an angry book,
my Achilles heel.

The River of Words curriculum integrates the detailed observation of a scientist with the creative passion of an artist.

Stiff-tailed duck
makes a long

ripple, dipping

Fish fins flap,
and gills gulp.

In the cattails,
glides the duck.

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