Rough 1st Draft – Completed

Last night I completed the rough 1st draft of Josie: 179 pages, 42,000 words. Now I feel like I have something more solid to work with.
Large portions of it still need to be edited. The middle and last sections I haven’t even looked at since writing them. But atleast it’s all together now in one document in proper order.
Also, I met with Keith Abbott last week and got some feedback from him. You know you’re getting good feedback when the person is telling you something you remember thinking during the writing process. Among his suggestions was to draw out the ending to give it more dramatic impact. I remember writing the ending last summer and thinking that it was rushed ?. But I only had a couple of days before the SWP started and so I just wrote it down. Now I have the opportunity to go back and add some things.
There’s also a section in the middle that I noticed last night could use some more work. So all in all I think the manuscript needs another twenty or so pages.
Of course, none of this is going towards my thesis requirements. I’m only able to turn in 120 pages of creative work and that’s already done. But I’ve set a personal goal of having this novel completed by May and I’m right on track.

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