Manuscript & Thesis Semester starts NOW!

School started back this week and I started two new jobs. I’m working back at the cafe, the job that inspired my post Writer as Fast Food Worker. I’m hoping I get the same inspiration out of it this semester.
And I’m working at the computer lab on campus. This is the kind of job I had during undergrad and for a long time before I decided to seriously pursue writing. I’ve avoided working with computers for a long time because I didn’t want to be distracted from writing.
But with the past few years and an almost MFA degree, I feel rooted in my self as writer. So I feel free to branch out a little. Plus, it will probably mean more frequent updates to this blog.
I picked up my schedule for this semester. Other than some weekend meditation workshops, I don’t have any regular courses. What I do have is a critical thesis and creative manuscript to finish. Here’s my schedule:
March 2
Preliminary Final Draf of Manuscript & Critical These due
March 5-12
Faculty Reader reviews manuscripts -meets with students during faculty office hours
March 19
Second Review of Preliminary Draft
March 21
Faculty reader check-in deadline
April 16
Final Unbound manuscript & thesis due
April 27
Unbound manuscript & thesis returned to students
May 10
Final bound Manuscript & Thesis due
May 12
Manuscripts signed and returned
May 13

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