actual writing…rewriting

I got some writing done today, well rewriting but that’s just as good.
The quote by Rilke inspired me: Works of art are always the product of a risk one has run, of an experience taken to its extreme limit, to the point where man can no longer go on. ?
I’ve been working on my story Field Mouse ? and have several comments (gleened from zoetrope) which have had me stumped. I didn’t agree with many of the suggestions. I thought readers were missing the point because of their own prejudices. Several people suggested I change parts of the story and characters, but these changes would, I believed, fundamentally change what I wanted to say with the story.
But I was stuck. I didn’t know where to go with the story but I knew it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. So I decided to rewrite making the suggested changes, just to see what I came up with. Even if I decide not to keep the changes, atleast I could see it from other perspectives and maybe loosen up something.
The rewrite is good. I still have the general theme of the story (I hope) but I gave up some details. I think it works better now. It certainly felt good to write.

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