M.I.A. is Revolution!

This weekend Doris and I saw an amazing/inspiring/disturbing/awesome show at the Filmore in Denver. M.I.A. tore the house down. This was the second time I saw her in Denver. I mentioned the first show in my Writer as Fry Cook blog post.

The opening act was The Egyptian Lover who kicked it old school. Hiphop has been around for a few decades now. There is a history. Very cool to experience some of that history. And you know when a brother been making music for 25 years, he’s learned a few things, improved on a few things, picked up some more technique. He delivered a nice set of electro-funk and the crowd was into it.

When M.I.A. came out she took charge of the stage. I’m not sure how best to describe her show. It’s hiphop and world music. It’s political but not preachy. It’s smart and real.

There was a moment in the middle of the show that really captures what M.I.A. is to me. At one point she asked all the women in the audience to get on the stage. The song was 10 Dollar. It was kind of surreal to see a stage full of women and girls from Denver dancing to a song about a child prostitute in Sri Lanka who becomes a mail-order bride.

Then she invited the boys onto the stage. By this time the police and security were pushing people back from the stage. Not nearly as many men went up. I didn’t even try. But some did make it on the stage and danced to the song Boyz, a song about child soldiers. The chorus goes:

How many no money boys are crazy

How many boyz are raw

How many no money boyz are rowdy

How many start a war

Considering that her first album had the song Pull up the People, Pull up the Poor, M.I.A. knows what’s up.

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