Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics

My previous post was about Langston Hughes, so it is fitting that now I’m posting about Zora Neal Hurston (even though I missed her birthday by a couple of days).

Back in the day when I was first discovering Langston Hughes I read a play he co-wrote with Ms. Hurston. It was a source of many bad feelings between the two, but Mule Bone itself was very entertaining and funny.

In this recording I found at the Black Media Archive, Ms. Hurston shares several folk songs she had picked up ? in her travels in the south. Not only are the songs themselves pieces of history, but the fact that this writer was so interested in finding them and remembering them is very edifying. And when you listen to Uncle Bud ?, you know why the title of this post is a warning. It is also telling that explicit lyrics ? being associated with black music ? is nothing new.

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