Rivers ancient as the world

In my early twenties I got my GED and started university. Like many folks around that age, I began working to discover/create myself. In addition to my college courses I bought stacks of books from the African-American Studies ? section of the university bookstore. Among them was the novel, Not Without Laughter. It was amazing to me, a story so intimate with my own but one I had not known existed. It was a mix of discovery and creation.

But since that was my first encounter with Langston Hughes, I have the impression of him as novelist while the rest of the world knows him as a poet. I think he considered himself a poet, rather than a novelist as well.

And I have come to appreciate his poetry too. Nothing has touched me in the way reading Not Without Laughter did, but his poetry is something that I return to year after year and find new rewards:

The Negro Speaks of Rivers

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