Before the War it Was the War

I started a new job today, painting houses. One of my co-workers put on a radio station, KGNU. This station has a very pronounced political slant. Another co-worker called it the propaganda machine ?.

And much of it was definitely propaganda. And even if it’s antiwar propaganda, that stuff is annoying.

But one of the programs did catch my attention, Before the War it Was the War is an audio-documentary on Lebannese blogger: Mazen Kerbaj.

Kerbaj is an artist, living in Lebanon. During the most recent bombings of Beruit, he kept a blog of what was going on.

I want to listen to the program again and spend some time reading his blog. I could only catch bits and pieces while I was at work. But what most caught my attention were his comments about politics, as well as his response to one person’s comments about the violent images ? in his blog.

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