Buddha by Osamu Tezuka

I’ve been wanting to write something here about Osamu Tezuka for the past few months, ever since I stumbled upon his Buddha series.

So far I have been thoroughly pleased and surprised by these books. Surprised, not because I didn’t expect them to be good but because I had no way of knowing they would be this good. This work really is an achievement.

These would be a wonderful introduction to the life of the Buddha for young, old, Buddhist, non-Buddhist, comic book fans and everyone else. While it is not 100% historically accurate (and doesn’t claim to be), most of what I’ve learned about the life of the Buddha and the times his lived in are represented in the book.

But more importantly, the principles embodied in these stories represent the important lessons of the Buddha (that is, the lessons the Buddha himself learned). And it is told in a way that is fresh.

One thing that Tezuka captures about the Buddha’s life, that I don’t think is understood adequately by most Buddhists I’ve encountered, is that the Buddha was engaged in a class revolution as much as a spiritual revolution. The suffering caused by oppression is shown again and again throughout the book.

I can’t say enough positive things about these books. They are fantastic!

Here are some more reviews: Bookslut, Time, BBC, Citypages, and AV Club.

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