In class today with Donald Preziosi, he asked a few question that have really sparked me. First, he asked:

what is the difference (if any) between Poetry/Art and on-line gaming?

Ha! Gaming! I have no idea where that came from but what a great question!

I weighed in that there really was no difference. An on-line game can be just as artistic, as poetic as anything found in a book.

Then he asked:

what (if anything) is there to fear from moving from traditional written Poetry to something more like on-line gaming?

This weekend I happened to have listened to a lecture called Information Technology and the Troubled Humanities, where Jerome J. McGann posed a similar question and answered it by saying we should fear money-seekers acquiring our cultural capital. As long as we don’t let GOOGLE, Amazon, and Microsoft run the showit’s going to be great.

And the final question Donald asked was the best:

What from Poetry would you want to keep in on-line gaming?

Ha! Ha! What a fantastic question! This is probably the best question anyone has asked during my time at Naropa Boulder, definitely this is the best question of the summer. I don’t have a ready answer and have been thinking about it all evening.

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