Josie: The Final Lap

This is it, the final lap. I started working on Josie over a year ago. Now I’m finally coming to the end.

The most challenging part of the last few weeks has been having the self-discipline to sit down and write. In fact, writing this blog post is just one of the ways I’m procrastinating. It’s actually feels more difficult now than it did in the beginning.

Last year when I first started writing the manuscript I remember coming to some parts where I felt blocked. What I did to get past it was just to write what ever I felt like even if it didn’t exactly fit with what I had intended for the story. And usually that took the story in a new direction.

Most of the story is completed and I don’t want to just start a new direction. I want to bring it to a close. I have a general outline of the end that came partly out of discussions with my teacher Keith Abbott and partly from reading Chester Himes’ If He Hollers Let Him Go.

Now I just need to practice self-discipline and write. Little by little I’m getting it done. With two weeks left, I think I will make my goal of completing it before the Boulder Naropa SWP, but just barely.

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