MFA Advisor(s?)

I had a meeting with Junior Burke today to ask for guidance on the MFA advisor relationship and on my creative manuscript in general. I explained that my undergraduate work was in civil engineering and I graduated without any meaningful relationship with any of my professors. I don’t really know how this is all supposed to go.

I told him that I want to complete a publishable novel by the time I graduate and want to know what I should be doing now to make sure that happens.

He told me it will be a lot of work to write a novel as my creative manuscript but it can be done. He said I will have to make some sacrifices ?. I told him about my writing practice: 45 minutes a day, five days a week. He said that was good but I need to get it up to atleast 1 hour a day, six days a week.

I asked him about having two advisors. Alot of other MFA students are doing that: one advisor for the critical paper and a different advisor for the creative manuscript. He suggested that I have only one advisor.

That may have to be one of the things I sacrifice ?. I have already asked Donald Preziosi to be my critical advisor. He agreed and even seemed excited to work with me. Working with him a great opportunity that I may not get again.

But I have to ask myself what I want to focus on. I know the answer. I didn’t come to Naropa to learn how to write critical papers. I came here to work on my creative writing. So that needs to be my focus.

Thursday I’m meeting with Keith Abbott to talk more about all of this. I’m going to ask what he thinks. And I’m going to schedule another meeting with Donald to discuss my options as well.

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