a/typical week at naropa

Last week Bhanu Kapil talked about stories and antidotes. She also talked about trauma theory, Neanderthals burial rituals, and the Festival of Holi in India. She said she was interested in gore as an ecstatic principle of decay ? and the encounter as the thing that alters the space ?. Very cool stuff.

We began class by reinacting a performance piece by Vito Acconci.

With a smile like the Chesire Cat, Bhanu asked us all to roll up our sleeves. She explained that Vito Acconci was a poet who studied architecture and became a performance artist. After reading too much text on post-modernist architecture he created a performance piece where he bit himself all over his body.

Then she asked us to bite ourselves until we had teeth marks in our skin. We did.

One more reason to love Naropa.

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