Bullet, Hell, and Podcasts

The semester is finishing up and I have alot of school work to do. Which means I’m finding lots of other interesting things to occupy my time.

Bullet issues 1-3 arrived this weekend. Oh yeah. The first issue is four inches wide and eight inches tall, which fits easily in my back pocket. It’s real nice looking, well worth the three bucks or so that I spent on it. But what really counts are the stories inside.

The cover promises: Danger! Danger! 10 High Voltage Stories. The only previous Bullet story I’d read was the one they sent when I signed up for their email-list, None of this stopped Lemmy by Annie Rinse, about two skin head punks who drive a stolen car through a store window.

The first story, Bullet No. 1 was a little more mature but still on the raucous side, the main character of Take Over by Milky Wilberforce is a sort of ex-punker gone corporate who takes over some poor old guy’s family business.

Some of my favorites were Bullet No. 6: East River Park by Jared Louche, a dark coming-of-age story set in New York City and Bullet No. 7: Dealing With Flaws by Allen Guthrie, about a safe cracker and a safe he can’t crack.

Bullet No. 9: Dangerbirds by Neil Campbell rocked, a sort of Kerouac -Hunter S. type character gets picked up by two musicans, Ivan and Otto, and taken on tour to New York City.

The issue concluded with a solid hit, Bullet No. 10: Anniversary by Jason DeBoer, previously published in Eleven Bulls.

Now I’m onto Bullet Issue 2. The format is a little bigger, maybe about six inches wide and eight inches tall. It won’t fit in my back pocket but there are twice as many stories. And if the first story, Bullet No. 11: Saturday Night Special by Ray Banks is an indicator its going to be even more slamming.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep me distracted from the papers I’m supposed to be writing, I came across The Toilet Paper. This is a Colorado Springs based free newspaper which is being distributed around Boulder. I found a stack of them outside the student center here. The paper includes a regular column by none other than Richard Hell.

It’s pretty cool, some interesting stuff. Church Kickers did make me laugh but I’m not totally comfortable with the anti-Christian rhetoric. It seems reactionary, rather than original. Out of the Mouth of Hell was funny though and so I’ll keep checking it out. It’s definately worth what I paid for it.

One more thing that is saving me from actually getting my work done: Podcasts. I don’t have an iPod but I take my laptop with me just about everywhere. This weekend I listened to an interview from September with Louise Erdrich at KCRW.

I’ve also been listening to Addicted To Race, a show by Jen Chau and Carmen Van Kerckhove who talk about America’s obsession with race ? and mixed race identity. The RACIALICIOUS segment was especially funny (and insightful).

I have four free days (not counting Turkey Day) and I am going to get stuff done. My intention is to have a first draft of my final paper finished by Monday. I will also have my third revision and critical review done.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

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