a punk rocker now

I recieved my signed copy of Godlike but I’m waiting for Winter break to start reading it. I’m talking Richard Hell up all over the place though.

At work, whenever I see someone come in that looks even vaguely punk I ask if they’ve heard of Richard Hell. They say no and I proceed to tell them that he is the o-riginal punk rocker and was influenced by Baudelaire and Rimbaud.

And I always mention that he’s from Lexington, Kentucky. Usually by the time I’m handing them their bagel and chai, I’ve talked so much about him that they’re writing Richard Hell on the back of their hands.

Yesterday one of my teachers came in for his coffee, Steven Taylor, who I know is connected with the punk scene and was a member of the band The Fugs. I asked him if he ever heard of Richard Hell.

Yeah I heard of him. He’s the original! He used to be my neighbor! ?

And of course I ask, Did you know he’s from Lexington, Kentucky? ?

Oh yeah, I did know that. I wrote a chapter on him and Baudelaire in my book. You should check it out. ?

So I grabbed a pen and wrote the name of his book on the back of my hand: False Prophet: Fieldnotes from the Punk Underground. Tonight I ordered it.

And I also got an email today that issues 1-3 of Bullet have been dispatched to me.

Good stuff.

There are exactly fourteen working days until the end of this semester and until my final paper is due for Concerning Spiritual in Art. I am feeling the pressure and reminding myself that I just got to keep working steady, like the turtle not the rabbit, easy does it.

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