4×4 Reading Tomorrow with ME!

I’ll be reading tomorrow as part of the 4×4 Reading hosted by CSU. The reading is in Ft. Collins at the CSU Bookstore in the Lory Student Center. The readers will be: Stacy Burns from CSU, Kelly Anzulavich from CU, Sara Veglan from DU, and me from Naropa.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to read from the monologues I read this summer and at the Trinidad Sanchez Jr. Memorial Reading or if I was going to read from my novel-in-progress. Then I saw the introduction Keith Abbott wrote for me:

Jason McDaniel has been a great source of delight for both his fiction and his comments in his workshops.

His current novel titled Josie has some amazing characters and scenes in it. Because Josie involves street people: hustlers, pimps, homeless adults and teenagers along with their haunts, their safe houses, their protectors and their predators, the reader learns how survival works at these levels.

Jason writes very effectively about the different types of the street etiquette and how the people declare their territory and how they respect or disrespect other territorial rights.

The margin between peace and war is slim, and weakness comes in as many shapes and sizes as are strengths. Jason draws portraits of how these dynamics work constantly in a world made strange by constant predation, situational ethics and mutual or extorted consent.

Humor surfaces in the strangest ways, and the surprises that his characters deliver will keep readers and listeners engrossed.

Please welcome Jason McDaniel.

How cool is that! So I will be reading the first few chapters from the novel. I might record the reading and post up an MP3 on here, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to put Josie out there yet. It depends on how it goes I guess.

If you’re in the area, please come. The 4×4 Readings I’ve attended have all been worth much more than the price of entry (which is free of course).

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