Naropa Departmental Meeting

At a W&P Department meeting the faculty talked about the courses they will each be teaching next semester. Although I’ll be working on my manuscript and so won’t be taking any of those courses, I went to the meeting to hear what they had to say and maybe get some ideas for the course proposal I’m writing to teach an introduction to creative writing in the Spring.

It was a little disconcerting to see all the faculty sitting together and only one of them was not white. And there are no black or latino teachers?!? Major red flag.

But I wish they had started this last year. The faculty were able to talk about their courses and answer questions. Keith Abbott is going to be teaching the course I took with him last spring on American classism and writing but as an undergraduate course. Bhanu Kapil is teaching a course on writing across cultures that sounds very cool.

This is my last semester for taking courses (not including the Summer Writing Program) and I think I’m going to miss it. I have learned so much in the past 18 months. I want to make sure that I keep up this momentum. And I want to stay connected to a writing community.

I’ve made some close friendships here that I’m sure will continue on past my time at Naropa. And when I’m not in school I’ll have more time to put towards zoetrope. And where ever I happen to be living (New York, Bogata, Denver, Louisville) I’ll make sure I connect with the writers and artists in my community because that has been such a rewarding part of my experience here.

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