Good News!

Last week I was on my way to class and was feeling kind of down about being here at Naropa.

I was thinking unproductive thoughts like: Does anyone here even care about me? Or my writing? ? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like that. Maybe I’m just insecure. I wouldn’t be the first insecure artistic, that’s for sure.

Then just as I was walking slowly to class, second guessing my choices, I got some great news. The writing department invited me to read at one of the 4×4 Readings this year. How nice! Maybe someone here does care about me. Maybe some people here do think my writing is important.

I’m happy again!

The 4×4 Readings happen four times a year and are hosted by the four graduate writing programs in the region: Naropa, CSU, DU, and CU. Each school hosts one reading and chooses one of its graduate students to read at each.

Last year I heard Zulema Inai at a 4×4 Reading and was totally blown away. Luis Valadez read at the 4×4 Reading hosted by Naropa last Spring and was amazing.

It is an honor to be representing Naropa at the 4×4 Reading at CSU on November 30th. Woohoo!

And this week on Thursday October 5th, the 4×4 Reading will be at CU. The reading starts at 7:30PM and will be in Hale 270. The readers will be:

Naropa: Sloan Fiffer
CU: Virginia Bellis
DU: Alex Stein
CSU: ?

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