First week of classes

I’m only taking two classes this semester and preparing for my thesis semester in the Spring. My Tuesday class is Sequences with Keith Abott. We are going to be looking at how books are structured. We’ll be reading the first books by Brautigan, Erdrich, and Gaitskill.

Of these three I’ve read Erdrich’s already. It became one of my favorite books. I’m looking forward to reading it again.

My Thursday class is Characterization/Monologue with Bobbie Louise Hawkins. Class today was great. I’m not yet sure what I’ll get out of her workshop. She graded my SWP portfolio and left the comment:

A bit light-weight. Criticism is not his forte. ?

This is one of the only teacher comments I can remember that made me laugh out loud. Her comments on my creative work (which is what I really care about anyhow) was helpful and encouraging. She is a fountain of wisdom and writerly experience.

Once again, I am excited about the The Jack Kerouac School.

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