Snowed In! (and writing)

The snow is coming down fast and hard in Boulder right now. The ranch where I’ve been working is expected to get between one and two feet of snow. So I won’t be working for the rest of the week.

Even though I can use the money, this is great news. I’m going to take advantage of the next few days to continue working on my novel: Josie.

Today I’m going to prepare note cards, similar to the ones I used last summer to write the first draft. For the next three days I’ll write atleast six pages of what I’m calling the 2nd Act. This is the middle section of the book where the narrator gets off the street with the help of his mentor and eventually goes to college. It’s going to be very different from what I wrote this summer.

The first section the book has the narrator telling mostly about Josie. But the 2nd Act is almost entirely about himself. A recent interview with Zadie Smith helped me understand what I was wanting to write with this part of the book. I haven’t read On Beauty yet, but in the interview she talked about the experience of a loss of self associated with her going to college. This is an experience I and my friends (that grew up poor but went to college) have talked about.

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