Building a house

This morning I met with Bhanu Kapil before class. We talked about event and novel writing. She had recommended the book Biting the Error.

She was very encouraging. She said that my daily writing practice was a good one but that I might consider adding some pressure to my novel writing. Her suggestion was to write it during the summer before or after the Summer Writing Program.

I have been wanting to avoid just that sort of cram session. But maybe I should keep the option open. If I do the cramming ahead of time then maybe I can tap into some of the pressure without getting the stress of doing it all last minute. And then I could spend the next year on edits and revisions.

I’m still going to keep up the daily practice. But that’s an option I’ll keep open.

My first year with Americorps I built houses for Habitat for Humanity. One thing I learned is that to build a house you start by nailing two boards together. Everytime. It might have taken weeks or months, but the first steps were always the same and never looked anything like a house.

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